30 September 2012


Actually I'm just kidding. I’m quite well aware of the time. Lots and lots of things to do and so on, but my style of doing has always been like this: last minute is the best inspiration. I need to get in to the flow mood in order to get things done the way I like them. 

Glasses on their way. At the moment with the right rainbowish colors.
While making my last costume, Leon, a friend of mine asked why I didn’t  just do one piece at a time and make it ready. Wouldn’t it be easier to keep track what was done if I actually first made the shoes, then start with the wig and so on. I was like Whoah. Can you do that?! ‘ Couse I sure can’t. I just randomly do things that I happen to like to do at that moment, or that need to be done in order to do something else. My chaotic method works for me. Or well, works and works, it always gives me the false feeling that I’m almost ready, when in fact there’s tons of the finishing things to be done. 

This was just a silly pic to check out the lenght of the hairpiece. I've shorten it about 5cm, so it's not so like Marge Simpson hair. I hope.
The lack of updates is usually explained either by the fact that I haven’t been doing anything cosplay related and I’m too embarrassed to admit in the blog, or that I’m so excited about doing stuff that I can’t take a long enough brake to write or choose pictures. That’s why using facebook as a quicker way to let everyone know I’m actually doing something is quite nice. This time it’s both reasons, there’s been so many lazy days when I haven’t felt like doing or writing anything, and those days that I’m on fire with the costume I just can’t make my self sit by the computer. 

Felt like I was back in school, in a geometric class when drawing these out :D
And some shoes. They were good but needed like an extra half an inch to them, so I used a piece of Worblas that I had from the Dog Day's costume. I have to wear these for the next month in order to walk with them the way Bayonetta does :P
It wasn’t a surprise that I love Bayonetta’s outfit, because of the details. The leather magic hair thing isn’t so nice to sew and really not that flattering, but all the details are so nice! I’ve just been jumping around with joy of making all the bits and pieces. Most of the small things, like the circles in the back, the hair ribbon, the glasses are almost done, same with the shoes. The wig was supposed to be ready this weekend, but I just had the sudden urge to do the guns instead of fighting with the fibers. So maybe some wig action tomorrow. 

I really would love to have a working space that's something else than my kitchen table, because I tend to make some mess.
The plane tickets are bought, hotel and everything ready. I just need to decide whether to use my mom’s old luggage or actually buy myself a new one. (For once I’ll have luggage with me! I usually fly with just the hand bag) It depends on the amount of stuff I'll be needing, Bayonetta herself should fit in quite a small package expect for the wig. And because I’ll be staying in London only for the weekend, I will not have time shop too many shoes or dresses. I think. 

So much fake leather... and from this pile of fabric, only one was good.
I still haven’t decided whether I’ll take some other costume with me for the Sunday or not. I’ll not have time to make a new one, so some simple and not too space consuming outfit might be good. Ichika, or Sonoshee maybe? I’m so excited about the whole convention, meeting everyone and seeing London again. The whole competition is like the nice bonus and excuse to get to know amazing people all over Europe and thanks to Facebook, I already know many of them.

My very first business cards! They turned out great, and in them you can see my love for Final fantasy, side characters, props and a typical finnish lake view.

And now I’m off to do some late night sewing to finish the shoes. I’ll promise to do at least one good wip- update before actually flying to UK, and my sincere goal is to get good pictures of the costume before the convention, just in case it breaks during the flight or something. 


ps. Traconista pitäisi kirjoitella varmaan vielä jotain, mutta odottelen vielä meidän kisaajien virallisia poseerauskuvia. Luultavasti saatte vaan kuvapäivityksen, kun kerkiän tässä jo unohtamaan, mitä kaikkea piti kirjoittaa :P


  1. Tervehdyksiä näin keskelle ECC-finaaliin valmistautumista! Sellaista tulin vain sanomaan, että blogisi on linkitetty Kandi & Cyberiin. Ei kummempia - näytä niille siellä Englannissa mistä ne suomalaiset cossaajat on tehty >:D!

    1. Jee jee! Pitäisi itsekin päivitellä noita blogilinkkejä, osa on ihan museokamaa ja iso osa taas puuttuu. Seuraavalle sadepäivälle puuhaa!


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