6 January 2013

Towards Frostbite!

I'm not going to do Cosplay plans for 2013 -thing at all, I'll just go with the flow and inspiration and plan maybe a few conventions at a time. All and all I have tons of ideas for small, nice costumes and a burning passion to go on stage again at some point this year with some more complicated cosplay.

But Desucon Frostbite is just little over a month away and I have not only decided what I'm going to do but actually started all four costumes. I'm not fooling myself, it's really likely that at least one of them won't be ready in time, but I'll try anyway. Not going to stress too much. Just enough.

For Saturday I have the Princess who was supposed to debut in last summer's Desucon, but now she's finally almost done. Liliana from Last Exile Fam. 

Being a princess is suffering.
I thought my almost-ready-version from last summer looked ugly as hell and was planning to do the whole thing from the beginning again, but nope, it was actually quite ok. It's not 100% accurate, more seams and I might be wearing underwear as well, but so far I like it a lot. Hopefully I'll get some pictures with amazing Luscinia-majo.

The other costume for saturday is Miss Hairpin aka Nibutani from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! I was planning on doing the version where she has yellow vest-thing on her, but because the fabric store didn't sell the perfect shade of yellow anymore and I happened to have an extra black jacket that just needs some moderation, I'm going to do this version and maybe fight with some annoying kid who keeps calling me fake Mori Summer: 
Dat Hairpin

And for Sunday I also have two costumes. First up is Julia from Cowboy Bebop. 

She's been on my list for ages and I actually bought the fabric almost two years ago, but since the voice of Vicious, Norio Wakamoto is coming to Frostbite, I want to do Julia now. Sewing this kind of costume after Bayonetta is actually quite nice, because Julia has less pointless seams and her outfit is actually fabric, not magical hair. And she is a really good motivation to lose those extra Christmas pounds...

And if I have enough time and energy, I'd love to do Marushina from Akibarangers as well. But we'll see, she's the costume that will get dropped if I don't have enough time. 
Oh she's so evil, isn't she?

So these are the four lovely ladies I'll be spending my time with for the next weeks. I'm feeling so inspired and excited even though I know I have tons of things to do. But you'll see next time how I'm getting along!


ps. Meinasin jo väittää, että tällä kertaa Frostbitessa hoidan vaan oman vastaavuusalueeni, mutta neips, olen myös mukana Lavakammoa karkuun -pajassa sunnuntain aamupäivässä, joten jos lavalla oleminen pelottaa, haluat kysyä jotain kisakäytänteistä tai päästä kurkistamaan Sibben bäkkärille ja lavalle, niin mukaan vain!

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