27 February 2013

Whedonverse 7/12: I get five years, you get the rest.

Since I once again have more international friends who keep on bugging me about how annoying it is that I don't write in English (yes, I'm looking towards you Sweden), I'll give this dear-god-why-can't-I-write-anything-right-in-English -thing another try. Hopefully after this totally misspelled update you'll be happy just to watch the pictures ;) But like I said a few updates ago, I'll write those long rants about Finnish cosplay scene and cons and all that in Finnish and try to do translations in them. If I'm not too lazy. 

But today I'll write in English and that might be a good thing, because I don't know if there are that many Dollhouse fans in Finland. Maybe someone will accidentally come from some other country and take a quick look at this teaser pic I posted on Facebook a few days ago and say right away: That's Adelle DeWitt from The Dollhouse, episode ten from season two, ”The Attic”! 

I wasn't really suprised that no-one knew to whom this dress belongs to.
She's just so... Gosh how I love her!
I rewatched Dollhouse a month ago. I can't believe I had forgotten how amazingly brilliant this show is! To anyone of you readers, who haven't seen any Joss Whedon's series, this the one I most definitely can recommend. Where as Buffy and Angel are pure love love love for me, starting a series that started in the 90's and have 7 seasons, might be a bit hard. Dollhouse is a complete, modern, 2 season package with a coherent big plot, interesting episodes, brilliant characters and as always in Whedon's shows, really witty dialogue. It's just so... so so good! 
You might have seen this couch a few times before, but fear not, this just might be the last home photoshoot where I'll sit on it, because we're hopefully getting a new couch in a few weeks. But check out those new curtains from Ikea, Adelle just loves them!
Sarcastic? Unfeeling? British?
After I remembered the brilliance of this series, it was obvious that I'd do at least one Whedonverse-challenge cosplay from it. It was somewhat of a coincidence that I chose this particular outfit. I was pondering between different characters (Echo, Adelle, Whiskey...) when during the moving to a new home I found a piece of fabric that I had completely forgotten. For a good reason, it's so ugly, shiny gold thing... and then a lamp lit in my mind. Adelle has a dress made from almost identical fabric in the 10th episode of season 2! 
Do you think anything goes on in my house without my knowledge?
Why I bought the fabric in the first place, I'm not sure. Really not sure. I've had it for a few year at least and I was just about to throw it away. But once again we see, how you really should never get rid on anything! I was worried, that the piece of fabric wasn't big enough, because there was no way I'd find the same fabric again after this much time, but hahaa, it was just big enough! Well yes, the front piece could have been a little bit bigger, but it turned out ok. And I used every inch of the fabric. 
Caroline, actions have consequences.
The hair was a bit of a problem, Adelle has a really short bob during the second season. My own hair is almost shoulder length and I realized I didn't have any dark brown or black short bob wig. (A huge shortage, have to do something about it right away!) I tested if I could roll my hair in the back to make it look like a shorter bob and it looked quite ok. Better than a wig would have. 
This is my Oh-I-so-need-to-see-a-hairdresser -hair atm.
Don't gamble on what I'd be willing to do.
Adelle has black killer high heels, my only high enough heels have sequins in them, but I think Adelle might have liked them still. I obviously don't have the amazing face of  Olivia Williams, but I tried with make up make make myself look like stressed out Dollhouse boss and a bit older than I really am. And more beautiful. 

Nothing is what it appears to be.
I'm so proud of myself that I managed to do this cosplay even though there was Desucon Frostbite in this month as well, and the moving and everything. Next month you might see another Buffy, though I am a bit tempted to watch Firefly again and that just might be too inspiring...



I'm pretty sure she actually drinks brandy, not applejuice from a whisky glass...
pps. Thanks Kizzy for making this one as well... 

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