12 November 2012

All dem cosplays!

Like I said in the ECC-update, I feel really inspired about cosplay right now, and even more so because there aren’t really any time limits or competition dead lines ahead of me. Rullarinkeli did a similar post about the inspiring costumes a while ago. I’m not even gonna list all the costumes I’m interested at the moment, but right now I’d like to do:

Fujin from Final Fantasy VIII. I remembered her all of a sudden while cleaning my wig storage. And I have the fabrics as well.
Cersei from the Game of Thrones. I adore her, though finding the right fabrics for any of her costumes without spending a fortune will sure be a pain in the butt.
Marushina from Akibarangers. Do I need to say why?
Bayonetta with her silly PE costume. The wig survived the trip back to Finland and I so wanna wear it again.
Nibutani from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Oh the hairpin...

Mine Fujiko from Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna. Love, love, love!
Nanami from Revolutionary Girl Utena. I think I might have a good fabric for her. It's slightly more orange than yellow, so not quite sure yet. I actually just migh for once recycle the wig and not just buy a new one, Sheryl's hair may get a second life here.

And one mysterious lady in leather bodysuit, but of whom I can’t talk about yet, but whom I’ll definitely do for Desucon Frostbite.

These are all costumes that I feel like I’d like to do now now now! Quite a kombo of characters from anime, games, Japanese tv and western tv as well. Next convention, Desucon Frostbite is in February so a long long way to go, but I’d like to decide my costumes at some point and actually get to work with them and not just drool over ebay-wigs.

DesuTalks and CosplayGaala are just a few weeks away, and even though I’m not gonna stress about costumes for those events, I do have some tough choices ahead of me. For DesuTalks my costume is almost ready, but for the CosplayGaala I’m torn apart. Will I do

Misa from Mouretsu Pirates
 Masako from Mawary Penguindrum.
(or neither and just come in some old costume, that’s always an option) 

I love them both, I have fabrics and wigs for both. If I’d do Misa, I just might get myself a Marika as a companion, but then again Ilse is going to do Himari, so I’d love to get some pictures of Masako and Himari together…  I’ll just finish the costume for DesuTalks and maybe start both of these and see witch I like better. Or you readers can persuade me to like one better than the other.

What about us?
And then there’s the whole Whedon-challenge-thing I had going on earlier this year. I was supposed to do one costume each month from series or movies by Josh Whedon, but in about april I kind of let the whole idea drop because I started to focus on Sheryl and then there were all the summer conventions and WCS-things and Bayonetta an so on. But I was thinking of maybe just moving the end of this challenge a half year later, so that by June 1213 I would have made the 12 outfits that I was planning on doing by this December. Most of them are quite easy to make, or buy just ready clothes. …yeah, I’m pretty sure you’ll see the next Buffy by the end of November. 

But for DesuTalks, here's Touka from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, the anime that's completely taken me in at the moment. She still needs her shoes and dog collar thing in her neck, but other than that, she's ready!


Ja suomeksi vielä: DesuTalksia ja CosplayGaalaa pukkaa, ensimmäisessä palaan kesädesun jälkeisestä “ei koskaan enää puheohjelmaa” uhostani huolimatta puhumaan animesta ja cosplaysta. Sanoinkin kesällä, että en tahdo pitää puheohjelmaa ennen kuin tulee se aihe, josta koen itselläni olevan jotain sanomista. Ja eiköhän Hoothoot sitten heilutellut nenäni edessä tätä turhankin herkullista aihetta, joka sopii vielä niin hyvin Talksin tämän vuoden teemaan erilaisista harrastajista. Jos siis tahdot kuulla fiksuja juttuja animesta ja cosplaysta (kin, on siellä paljon muutakin fiksua), saavuppa Glorialle. Lupaan olla kirjoittamatta mitään aiheesta blogiin, joten pakko tulla sinne kuuntelemaan jos kiinnostaa :3

Ja juuri sopivasti tänään julkistettiin iltapippaloiden esiintyjätkin! Viime vuonna lupailin virvokkeita Madokan mutsin seurassa, tänä vuonna tarjoilen kauhallani parannusta kasiluokkalaissyndroomaan! 


Oh yeah and I do have this one irritating costume that's not at all inspiring but what I feel I really need to get ready at some point. Liliana from Last Exile Fam. She doesn't like underwear.


  1. Cersey! Mahtavaa lisää Game Of Thrones cosseja tulossa näkyviin! Itsekkin aion siitä cossia jossain vaiheessa!

  2. Oi Cersey ! Ootko aatellu minne tehdä, ois hieno nähdä nimittäin :D itte oon tekemässä kanssa GoT hahmoa tälle vuodelle, Joffreyta
    nimittäin :D. **hups huomasin nyt vasta että olit kirjottanu tällasen blogimerkinnän


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