21 December 2012

Whedonverse 5/12: If the apocalypse comes... beep me.

Yep, I still have the ”Do 12 cosplays from Josh Whedon's shows” -challenge going on, even though I didn't finish it on time. (I'm not gonna do 7 costumes in 10 days :D) 
 Since the world was supposed to end today, and I've had these golden pants just waiting to be worn ever since Septemper, I did a super quick photoshoot. It's really dark in Finland especially during the evening time, so didn't get that many good pics (yep, I just blame the lights, not the fact I'm derping in almost every picture myself..). 
So here's outfit from Buffy's season 2, episode 19. You only see this in Bronze for half a minute, but the golden leather pants are just so cool I had to do them. The pants are the only actually self-made -part in this outfit.

So where's the apocalypse you promised?
It was so much fun to do makeup and take pics again, now I wanna start the next whedon-costume right away. I might do Drusilla next and I do have a few other "sure" costumes in my mind, but if there's a character (or more specifically some costume of hers) from any show by Whedon, that you think I should do, feel free to comment. The costumes so far have been mostly bought stuff modified and so, but I'd like to do few more difficult ones too. Like I said earlier, I'm giving myself 6 more months to finish this challenge, so by next July I should have 12 costumes done.


ps. Mainostanpa vielä jos joltain on jäänyt desublogaukseni ja Aniki-mainostelu huomaamatta: Frostbiteen haetaan kahta tuomaria hall cosplay -kisaan, hakuaikaa on vielä tämän vuoden loppuun saakka. Tarkemmat ohjeet täältä.


  1. Still voting for Vamp!Willow and Illyria. Tight bodysuit/leather pants, come on!


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